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The majolicas produced in the "Bottega Vitali" are entirely hand-made, and recall the stylistic features of the past.

An unusual quality of this artistic workshop is that it continues the tradition in which one-of-a-kind objects are designed and realised, then modelled and painted using various techniques.

The workmanship technique is that of the skiful masters of the past, creating with Italian clay manufactures that are fashioned on the lathe and hand-modelled.

The clay is fired at 980°C., then, the non-toxic glazed finishing coat is applied, and this accomodates the decorative motifs that are done with a paintbrush.

A second firing sets everything at a temperature of 920°C., and gives the glaze solidity and brilliance, with a intense tonality to the colours.

The speciality of "Bottega Vitali" is the technique know as deoxidation lustre, which creates iridescent colourings that make each object unique.

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